Dev has been involved in all of these causes by becoming a coach, a mentor, a donor or a marathon runner. He believes that getting involved forges a connection for our families, neighbors and people we’ve never met. It creates community.

Dev actively lives in the spirit of giving and recognizes the reciprocal nature of philanthropic work. When we share our time and financial resources we get a lot in return. It makes us feel good to become part of something that really matters. And, since becoming a dad, Dev has wanted to do even more. He wants his kids to have a better world and to be actively involved in creating it. So Dev has started his own non profit organization called Team Seva to build and maintain a legacy of giving in his family and beyond.

Team Seva’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in India’s underserved communities by empowering children with education. Dev is actively looking for givers of time, talent and financial help who would like to get involved in this extremely worthwhile work.

Visit Team Seva at: